Love many. Trust few. Learn to paddle your own canoe.



don’t fall for the one who buys you flowers, fall for the one who wants to grow a garden with you 

Or maybe I’m not an idiot who can really tell?



I decided to make a piece today! It was nice to do some hands-on stuff while recovering from surgery. I want to give these away because why not?

These wooden beads and stones are carefully chosen- I pick up the ones I’m drawn to and I immediately research its significance/meaning. You’ll have to pardon me, however, as I have forgotten to document what stones these are. I do know for certain, though, that the guru (big center stone) bead is genuine yellow jade. Nonetheless, these stones radiate much energy and beauty, just like you! :)

To participate, you must:

1) reblog this post only once.

2) reply here or message me your answer to the following question: "How do you radiate YOUR unique energy and beauty to the world?"

3) realize your infiniteness. You are more than you tell yourself.

Absolutely no skipping the third! :)

Although I know ALL answers will be beautiful, I have only one of these to give away for now, but please do participate! This is just an opportunity to turn inward and discover our soul.

The winner will be announced in a post, along with the winner’s answer, if he/she so pleases. Yes, I will ship anywhere! This ends in one week, so you have until July 21st.

Namasteeee…and go!

In other news..

I’m an idiot.


Guided a zip line tour

Cleaned out my car & van

Hiking with the Ninja Mountainman

Pizza & Milkshakes

Talking & bird ID

Sushi with the ladies + man

Frisbee in the parking lot

22 Jump Street

Laying on the sidewalk with you

Talking about everything & nothing

Won’t you hold my hand

& pull me close

The Kayak Roll

Oh yeah I went looking for my sweep roll.

I found it & my C to C roll!!

I also took on my first class 4 rapid. Woot Woot.

I’m excited.

I’m spending the day organizing the PFD room at base camp.

Woo sanitizing PFDs!

Last night was the staff party.

The gentleman was there. I should come up with a name for him on tumblr.

Anyways. We hung out & went to put away the chickens at the place I’m house sitting. Then there was ice cream & standing outside until 12:30 in the morning talking and looking at cloud shapes. & a good night hug.

& I like him a lot.

& yeah. There’s that.